Bayle-Industries, matériel d’élevage pour ovins et caprins.

Since 3 generations,Bayle industries is a family business which conceives , manufactures and markets rearing material for sheap and goats farms.

Bayle Industries has a strong 40 years experience , it has reached the European leaders in its activity sector. The company based in Rodez , in Aveyron , the heart of the goat milk production , serving the production of Roquefort , Bayle Industries contributes significantly in the technical evolution of sheep and goat farming , beyond national binderies. The company being patent holders , with a know-how that exports itself through several continents.

Its very modern production tool like the laser and tubes, digitalized bending, robotic welding , assures it a quality production , meeting the farmer’s requirements.

The same applies for their technician and and their installation team , which assures a 24 hours/ 7 day presence , close to the the farmers , under any circumstances.

The Purchase of Bayle –Industries materials is simply a guarantee of seriousness , security and a guaranty of a successfull breeding.