Pigs material


A whole range was born by using high quality materials which are combining design and robustness.

Here also , the use of high density virgin PVC with a thickness of 35 mm generates and assures a feeling of trust and robustness. The stainless AISI 304 poles of 2mm thickness are supplied with a tamper proof closing system , easy of use.

A large choice of stainless trough of 2mm thickness or made of resin , as well as feeders will satisfy your needs during the equipment of your breeding.

In the lower part, the stands (2 or 3 depending on the model) are made of stainless tubes of 33.7 , following the Aisi 304 norm.

The long trough made of rolled stainless steel.( stainless steel Aisi, 2 mm)
Box separation made of alveolate PV.Thickness 355 mm. Lifting, lateral reinforcement, uprising stainless steel porch.

Breeding material