Caillebotis Triad

The “triad” floor rack is a triangular galvanized floor rack which is non-slippery, it has been the subject of a patent.

This floor has been conceived to rectify the problems of instability of nursing sows but also to strengthen the hygiene and the ease of cleaning.

Standard dimensions:
- 2500 x 1700 mm
- 2600 x 1700 mm
- 2500 x 1800 mm
- 2600 x 1800 mm

The specific conception , the difference in levels generates a transversal , skid resistant floor , allowing smooth movements of the sow and limiting ,in this way, the risks of crushing.

In addition to the safety, the “triad” floor allows a fast evacuation of manures. The sow and the piglets are cleaner. The farmer saves precious time during the cleaning. Depending on the farms , on average, approximately 40 minutes are necessary to clean a hall of 10 box stalls.

By integrating the drawbridge system which is subject of a patent for the floors under the sows, you opt for the facility of excrements evacuation and the hygiene increases.
Rear opening

Possibility of adjusting the piglets nest.
Possibility of location of hot plates
The multibloc 2000 cage is made of 33.7mm diam. tubes , which are hot dip galvanized. Its ergonomic shape and its adjustable lateral bars optimize the sow’s comfort and limit the crushing of the piglets.

Stainless, tilting , steel , trough feeding is also a guarantee of hygiene and working comfort.

Breeding material