"Cosy R" is the product of 50 years of experience. Made under de R.H.S.D standard , it will answer the requirements of the farmers in the performance.

No other pig equipment manufacturer went as far in the technics of farrowing installations. The parallel and diagonal “Cosy-R” , uses a one piece frame made of stainless steel.

The floor under the piglet made of plastic , is easily removable , allowing an easy cleaning. Possible realization of the floor under the piglets of slatted floors.

Standard dimensions :
- Length: 2500 or 2600mm
- Width:1700 – 1800 mm

For each farmer there is his type of floor. This one can be made entirely of rendering or mixed between rendering and wires.

ex : rendering and drawbridge made of wires and cast iron
By integrating the drawbridges system which are subject of a patent on the floor under the sows, you are opting for the ease of passenger evacuation of sawdust, but also for an increasing hygiene.

The floor under the sow is also totally removable .ex: total cast iron.

The multibloc 2000 cage is made of 33.7mm diam. Tubes , they are galvanized in hot dippings. The ergonomic form and the adjustable side bars optimising the comfort of the sow and limiting the crushing of the piglets.

The 2 back feets open easily, offering a maximum opening which facilitates the manipulation of the animals in security.
The piglets nest with or without roof is made of natural rubber.

The closed pigglets nest with tine
The oppened pigglets nest with tine

The stainless steel feed trough is also a guarantee of hygiene and greater work comfort.

Le chassis avant en tube carré, galvanisé ou tout inox

Option pieds inox: Stainless steel feet option.

Breeding material