Over many years , our range of stalls has become a reference in this domain

Our different models of feeding stalls as “echo” , “echo liberty”, “echomatic” correspond to the European Animal Welfare Norms

The tubular constructions made of 33.7mm of diam. Are manufactured with care. The surface treatment (hot dip galvanization) guarantees a high protection and assures long lasting reliability.

Connecting rods of 4mm thickness are bolted on the top of the stalls in order to strengthen the construction and to keep the distance between the tubular sides at the required width(50,55,60 or 65 cm).

In the lower part , the maintenance of the floor is done with stainless steel feet following the AISI304 norm. Steerable on all of our refectories. The use of stainless steel feet, assures you a high protection and this for various years

Breeding material