Echo liberty

The back doors which are made of tubes of33.7 dm allow a large opening. Its design and ergonomic shape giving a free access to the farmer.

Its special mechanism with 4 positions allows to center the back door automatically and therefore avoids unwanted noise.

An individual locking device allows having a closed position for one or two stalls without affecting the automatic functioning of the other stalls.
In the lower part , the three stands are made of steel tubes of 33.7 dm , following the AISI 304 norm

Opening from the front
Opening from behind

Throughout its range, Galvelpor company offers you 2 types of troughs:
- A rolled stainless trough ; following the aisi 304 norm, elevated with a special form and anti waste.It will asure you hygiene and long durability.
- A resin trough placed on the ground.

A rolled stainless trough

Breeding material