These ones are made of tubes of 44 and 27 diam. , vertically railing , they have a height of 1m07 and can cover lengths up to 3m50.

Supplied with 2 telescopic nozzles, the assembly is facilitated.

- The panel : its 4 hinges renders the barrier fix but offers also the possibility of a two ways opening.
- The door : this new patented system , allows thanks to its ergonomic handle , an easy opening and closing.
- Access for the farmer : by its shape , it allows the farmer a simple , fast access , in security trough the entire lot. According to your installation, it integrates itself either as a panel or a door

Example of an access.
Our new range integrates since 2009, the steel poles of 76 diam. are either made of stainless steel or entirely galvanized in a hot dipping. The plate of great thickness is of a specific form , offering a powerful floor anchoring.

The joint clamps with one or several directions which are fixed on 76 diam. Round tubes , facilitate the adjustment during the assemble. Our large range of joint clamps allows a multitude of assemblies.
The adjustable eye in the lower part on the doors , assures a parallelism which facilitates opening and closing.

Exclusivité Galvelpor

Ouverture / fermeture par baïonnette

Polypropylene panels

The polypropylene panels of a 50 mm thickness and of a height of 1m and 1.20m , are available in different colors. Possibility of an opening of a “swiss “type or bayonet opening. Fittings, slides , reinforcement and steel brackets. Can be mixed with balustrade barriers.

Breeding material