The Tubular constructions of 33.7mm of diam. Are manufactured with care.

The surface treatment (hot dip galvanization) guarantees a high protection and assures long lasting reliability.

on the wall

Open design

On the corridor

Sheeted metal
Giving on to a corridor.

Rolled stainless steel trough following the AISI 304 Standard of great thickness, raised. Its specific no-waste form, assures you hygiene and longevity.

In the lower part, the feets are made of stainless steel tubes of 33.7 mm diam according to the AISI 304 Standard.
On the top of the stalls , the connecting rods of 4 mm thickness ,reassures the reinforcement of the system , as well as maintaining the gauge according to your desires ( cm).

Transformation from the blocked cage into a cubicle.

Breeding material